Monday, October 28, 2013

Life: Blurred Vision in One Eye

Over the weekend, one of my contacts became defective so I could not reuse it. Unfortunately, I was also not home so I've been going around most of yesterday with one eye with good vision and the other quite blurry.

Although this is not the first time this has happened, this has not happened for a very long time for me. The experience was interesting. The farther away I look, the less of a problem I have with a partial blurry vision. If I had to look at a computer screen, I can still read but there is a blurred overlay which becomes stronger as I reach the right part of my vision (my right eye is missing the contact lens).

I do not feel dizzy or disoriented, but does take me a few extra moments to process what I see. My depth perception is slightly off. If I play Scramble, I noticed that I do not quite reach the letters that I intended to hit. After a game or two, I have adapted to the discrepancy. Reading a book was difficult at arm's length but if I have it within the vision of my right eye, then there was no problem... literally with my nose in the book.

Later in the day, I also had a volleyball match. At times, I can actually sense that I am reacting slower. I also noticed that I react slowest when the ball comes straight at me. If I have to move to reach the ball, then I almost have no problems receiving the ball although sometimes the placement was a little off. When the ball comes straight at me, I cannot quite tell when the ball has reached me which results in me not bumping/digging the ball properly. I had no problems serving. I did not have a problem hitting the ball either although it did take a little more concentration.

The worst was driving home. The vision was probably made worse because it was dark outside. The lights blur more so makes it more difficult to see the signs. I noticed that I had a tendency to close my right eye. After a while, it becomes to tired to remain closed.

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