Monday, October 14, 2013

Life: Satis-'fried' my BK Curiosity

After driving by the Burger King's latest Satisfries ads several times, I finally gave in last night before my flight home. Actually, it was primarily because it was free. Overall, I like them better than their previous fries. If memory serves, I prefer their very original fries but that was a long time ago (maybe I had happier memories back then :D).

The fries are crinkle-style. I taste more potato. I think it is because of this that it is "healthier" (by being less unhealthy) than McDonald's fries. I like that it tastes less greasy and less oily, but it is a bit drier so I really wanted a drink afterwards (but didn't because of my ego).

I don't think I have any particular inclinations toward the new fries compared to Wendy's and McD's if they were all unsalted. I liked Wendy's previous fries because they were less salty. The sea salt seems to make it taste saltier. McD fries are still the same McD fries. If all were placed in front of me, I'd eat whichever one my hand happens to pick up especially if they were unsalted.

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