Monday, October 7, 2013

Cooking: Electric vs Gas Stoves

I've moved around a lot so I've used both electric and gas stoves. Interestingly, I seem to alternate between the two each time I move. Unfortunately, I have only started to cook at a higher frequency in the last couple years.

I find that gas stoves heat up much faster. Electric takes a while especially to get to the higher temperatures. So, I found that boiling water takes long with electric stoves. While cooking, I find that electric does cook a little more consistently as long as the pot is around the size of the cooking area. Also, the pot is more level when cooking which also helps with the consistency. Although, it would probably be a pain if the entire stove was not level.

When turning off the heat, gas stoves immediately stop  providing heat while the electric will continue to provide residual heat while it cools down. So I need more room with the electric stove because I have to move the pots/pans to another location if I need it to cool down faster. Or, I sometimes turn off the heat sooner in expectation that the food is still cooking over some heat.

Although I prefer gas when cooking, electric stoves are much easier to clean. It is harder to keep electric in mint condition though because I noticed that rings would start forming around the cooking area. But the "damage" seems very negligible to me even though sometimes I have tried scrubbing a bit longer to get rid of the rings (which it doesn't).

Overall, I do not have a huge preference with one over the other but they provide different pros and cons for me.

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