Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Complaint: Microsoft Exchange - Group Mailboxes

I like that group mailboxes decrease the amount of mail circulating within the group, but there have been a few things that do not work as I expected them.

The reason we switched to using a group mailbox is because it allows our team to have a central location for emails. Since we use a lot of personnel rotations for each role, this can be confusing for people outside our group. Also, this forms some bad habits within the group of not checking all emails (even though they should be checking the email when they are off-rotation).

Sending mail from group box

When sending emails after changing the 'from address' to the group email id, the sent mail is saved in my personal box's sent folder. This means that I cannot tell if someone in my team already responded to the email nor the team knowing that I responded to the email without copying ourselves.

Sending meetings to the group box

When someone accepts the meeting in the group box, the meeting automatically goes to the deleted folder. This does not allow anyone else in the group to see the invite to accept. On the other hand, this is good if the invite only needs a single representative from the group.


You need additional permissions to add rules to the group mailbox. Since I do not have it, there are limitations to what I can add. One rule that I would like is to copy certain emails to my personal box. I think it should be possible to create a local rule to copy from one mailbox to another, but I cannot find a way to get the rule to check the incoming mail to a group mailbox.


Group mailboxes are still usable and useful to have especially when you have low email quotas. Otherwise, a distribution list (DL) may be an better alternative.


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