Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Question: Protect the People or Capture Bad Guys

If there was ever a situation, is it better to protect the person but letting the bad guys get away or allow the person to be hurt to capture the bad guys?

On the society-level, I feel that it is better to capture the bad guy because they are likely to hurt other people. But then if they are likely to do it again, there is a better chance they will be captured. But then, more people will be hurt.

On the individual-level, I feel sorry that they have to be in that situation and then have to push them down further to help other people. Why do they have to be punished further for the group (especially, if they feel that the group let them down in the first place)?

In the long-term, I believe the proper education of people should allow the individuals to be comfortable and safe from their peers to do the right choices. But in the meantime, which option is more just?

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