Monday, October 28, 2013

Homes: Buying a brand new home - New Address

Not all systems will be able to find the new address. I just tried to change one of my addresses and it was rejected.

Edited 1/3/2020:

There is very little that can be done if the system does not allow custom addresses. Fortunately, some systems do allow this. The only workaround if really required is to use an address of the new development and hope that the mail will still be sent to your address.

There was another new development in the area which used a similar tactic. Unfortunately for them, a lot of the mail was sent to my address as my house number is the same as the number they used. For example, I lived on 1 Main St and they addressed it to 1 Center St. Center St is the known street that connects with Main St. Since there is no 1 Center St, I assume the post office worker just guesses that the intention may be my address. I am also guessing this is subjective because I don't get all the mail, just a couple here and there.

What do I do with all the misdelivered mail? I just note that it was sent to wrong address and put them in the outbox.

Eventually all the systems had my address, maybe a year after. I haven't had this issue for a while.

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