Saturday, October 19, 2013


Oddly, I heard from two different sources about very low mortgage rates around mid 2% which seemed odd because most of the signs I've seen at banks were around mid 4%. I tried to look the rates up online but I wasn't exactly sure how to find those rates.

The closest I could find were ARMS but no low fixed rates. I stumbled across and tried their site until I reached the part where they want your personal information. At this point, I did my research on the site and found that lots of people had issues of being swamped with emails and calls.

At this point, I did not continue with the service because I dislike spam emails and phone calls. Besides that, it seems that the service is useful. As that I am too lazy to create yet another email just for these types of marketing (also getting a throw-away phone number is even more troublesome), I am ending my research at this point.


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