Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life: Common Foods I Haven't Tried

Tomato Soup

This is just something no one around me cooks or buys. I rarely order soups in restaurants, but when I do I stick to what I am more familiar with. I do like grilled cheese. I also like tomatoes. This is just one of those that I just haven't bothered to try or does not reach soup form (although I've had tomatoes in soup... hmmm).

Pumpkin Pie

I am not sure why I never try pumpkin pie. There are several reasons to why I have not tried it but it is probably the most available foods on this list. Even then, I have not bothered to try it. The idea of pumpkin as food is kind of weird to me. I think I've only had it in a soup once and it was ok... a bit too sweet.

Root Beer

I only remember that when I was really young, I thought it was coke and since then never tried it again. Nowadays, I just do not drink soda so never got around to trying it. I figured it is not bad to keep it on my list of things not to try ever since I have more than enough unhealthy things that I do eat or drink.

Coconut Water

I'm not a fan of coconut strips. I probably had foods that contained coconut water, but not plain coconut water. I see a lot of people drinking them in the city during the summer. The canned drinks seem to be getting more popular recently too.


I smelled this once and just couldn't get myself beyond that.


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