Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blogger's Labels


I am not familiar how other blog sites handle labels, but I always find it difficult to keep my labels consistent. Occasionally, I find that I use two different spellings of the same label. Most of the time, one is the plural form and the other is singular. When I catch these, it is quite painful to go through each post to update the label. Another side affect is if I am not careful with the site tracking, I will at times artificially increase traffic on those posts.

Lessons on Label Usage

I have been trying to limit the number of labels used on each post. At first, I tried to include all topics. I have not quite figured if one way is better than the other. Having fewer labels is nice for separating the different posts that I have. With more labels, there can be more categories but lose the way I separate my posts.

The primary categories that I wanted to split were basically my point-of-view (POV) of the information. Review are my opinion on a product, process, service, place, etc. I will try to provide the information regarding a review. Life are my opinion on my personal life so there is some understanding needed about me which can be learned from other life posts. I would not provide all background information needed for the post. Work are my opinion on a more professional level. Similar to life, not all information will be provided but will usually have a little more weight since I typically work in that matter. Games and Bored are just posts that are not as important to me. Games are usually just informational about the game status. If the topic is more related to me, then will likely be in the Life topic. Bored just included things that I found interesting but having little information to add to it.

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