Friday, September 19, 2014

Buggish: Bestbuy shopping cart not working right now

So, I've been spending the last few weeks looking for a new personal laptop. I've been using my home PC for the last few years. My last laptop died about 3 years ago. For some reason HP quality has gone down a lot since I've worked with them since early 2000. I had two of the same laptops, had to give one to my mom. Both died the same way, so couldn't even salvage one with the parts of the other. Also interestingly, they had different chargers even though they were the exact same model.

Anyways... I take my time when it comes to big purchases (anything more than $25). I've been looking at Amazon and NewEgg, but then recalled that I had an Elite card with Best Buy since I bought my TV there. I finally decided on an Asus then for whatever reason the shopping cart no longer comes up.

For some reason, this was extremely frustrating to me. I even tried to use my work laptop to test out if it was for some reason my PC. All the other pages works perfectly fine except for the shopping cart. So how am I supposed to make any purchases? Ugh...

I also noticed that I have a few unused certificates that expired a couple months ago. Unfortunately, I moved during that time so I never received them (probably went to the old address). Since they were out-of-site... they were kind of out-of-mind since I do not shop at BestBuy often. So, although partially my fault, 2 month expiration to certificates is an awfully short period of time. So this issue is now compounded on my frustration that I cannot even buy something.

I guess back to Amazon again. Sorry NewEgg, you have better higher end laptops but I don't really have the funds for that yet.

Shopping cart is back up while shopping at Amazon. The item I picked was out of stock. Then like a fool, I refreshed the cart anyways. Surprisingly, I can order it again. Odd? Very much so... Unfortunately during the downtime, I was reading some of the reviews and the 1 start reviews have me concerned. Although the 1 stars seem to be by people with only 1 review while there are far more 5 stars by people with multiple reviews. hmmmmmm

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