Thursday, September 18, 2014

Buggish: Blogger/Blogspot not counting comments correctly in Stats > Overview

There are significantly more comments in the Stats > Overview page than actual comments showing on the actual blog page and in Posts (the section in the blogger admin). Both appear to be about double the amount of actual comments. Two is actually double, the other is one less than double.

At first, I thought perhaps it was counting spam comments but all posts were nearly double. I think this may be due to the switch to the Google comments from blogger's default comments, thus double-counting all the old posts. The one that is just below double, I think the comment was left after the switch thus having an odd number of comments (although in theory it could be even if another comment was left) but that was what caught my curiosity.

Although this is not a huge issue since it appears to be only in the admin portal end, it was puzzling to see (and little spark of curiosity that I suddenly got a boost of comments).

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