Saturday, September 27, 2014

Work: New Boss, Same Learning Routine - Give Me All the Details then Complain About Info Overload

We have yet another new upper manager. I think we've probably have a new one every 2-3 quarters. Yet again, he requests that everything be spelled out just like all the others before him. Give him 1-3 months, they will start a "email reduction initiative" to be leaner and effective.

My first reaction is to ask, "don't experienced managers already know this?" Although I do at times like to think that I so wise and experienced, I doubt that these managers are really that dumb. I am starting to wonder if these are intentional and ways to set the bar low so that they have things to claim in the future.

I do notice a lot of work patterns that seem to confirm my feelings that the corporate world is more about conserving your reputation and job than to improve the ways of the company. And the more I see the relationships between so many random people, I am starting to see why this sort of culture seems to be bred by a corporate life-style.

With all these reorganizations, I find it difficult to forge any type of relationships even with coworkers that I have been with for several years. The churn just resets a lot of different things that are important to the "continual growth" of the company. We all understand that with most changes, we will take a step back to hopefully take two steps forward.

But I feel that (intentional or unintentionally), these rotating managers seem to take 1.5 steps back (round down) then take 1.5 steps forward (round up) so that reporting looks like they are making progress but in reality, we are in the same spot (which I feel we are always stuck in the same spot).

I do like my immediate boss, because he never really did anything like that yet still able to learn the ins-and-outs very quickly. He encourages to use executive-speak (ie KISS) where we just present the important information up the chain. My small gripe is that information is rarely summarized when information go down the chain. I am not sure why they want to waste more of our time sifting through all the information especially when there was only one paragraph that may or may not impact us. Then we wonder if it is a change or just regurgitation. Perhaps there value*time is much greater than our value*time*(# of members)... that thought just makes me more depressed how big our "value" differences are... even then it still saves them costs... so... (brain shut down on cyclic overload).

Anywho (sic), just another day at work... business as usual... just when you think we were finally reaping the fruits of our labors, we resow the ground before picking.

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