Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: ChromeCast (2 month impression)

I still enjoy Google's ChromeCast. I use it primarily to stream to my TV from a PC browser. The ChromeCast device is very simple to move it from one TV to another within the same network. I am not sure if there is more setup if the network is changed. A friend was even able to broadcast from his Samsung tablet.

I have figured out one of the problems with the lag with ChromeCast (as noted in a previous post). After a few hours of use, the stick becomes really hot. I think this has an impact on its performance. To test this hypothesis, I turned off the streaming for a few minutes. This resolves all lag issues for a while. If I streamed immediately after turning the stream off, the lag still persists. Over a few days, I have also tried with cooler and warmer environments (primarily me having the A/C on or off). Performance seems to degrade faster when it is off where the room is noticeably warmer (probably around low 80s). Performance seems to last longer when in low 70s. My guess is that the temperature has an impact on the rendering of the video. The device becomes pretty hot to the touch but not burning (at least for an adult).


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