Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: has Chromecast capabilities (First Impression)

I just noticed this feature where the video now connects directly to the ChromeCast. and seemed to be really nice. I did run into a couple problems where it had trouble connecting. To get around the problem, I just stopped the stream then restarted. The first time was with Chrome browser on a PC. The second time was when I was experimenting from my phone.

Even using the ChromeCast icon on the browser will automatically transfer the stream to the TV. There does not seem to be an option to show the browser but I did not look very hard. When the streaming, the video stops on the PC. Before, the video will continue to play but without the sound. This was ok for me since I have the TV nearby. I actually preferred this because I could watch the video on my pc if I happen to be there browsing stuff or checking emails (with the sound lagging about a second or two).

Streaming from my phone seems nice. The new twitch interface seems nicer than before although I cannot recall what the old interface was like. It would be nice if there was a refresh button for the list of streams instead of just going back and selecting the channels again.

Overall, the stream does seem smoother but I do get this occasionally so time will tell whether this will keep up. Since it just came out, there will probably be other updates in the near future.

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