Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Work: MS Outlook hangs when opening a meeting invite

This suddenly happened to me today when opening a meeting invite today. The odd thing is that it is the only meeting invite that I unable to open. All the other invites are ok.

System Background

MS Outlook 2010 (desktop client, not OWA), Windows 7 Pro

Basic Troubleshooting

Restarted Outlook, restarted computer

Other Odd Behaviors

  • One coworker is having the same problem. Two others have no problems.
  • I was able to find the original invite. I noticed that I received 3 copies. I am able to open the first invite, the other two I am unable to open.
  • A coworker forwarded me the same invite, and I noticed that I received 3 copies just like the original. I do not know why that happens. I do not get it with other invites. Also, I am able to open the first but not the other two.
  • I noticed after a few minutes (about 3-5 minutes) the meeting will eventually load in my preview screen.
  • Appears that the problem is with loading the calendar which has "searching for this meeting..." although this is not a problem with the first email (by first I mean the first received email even though they all have the same times on it).
  • Rebooting machine does not fix the problem.

Exiting Problem

I cannot do anything else with Outlook once I attempt to open the broken invite. I end task the outlook. Reopening will allow me to do other tasks.


No fix yet except to wait 3-5 minutes. It has taken my coworker up to 10 minutes to open.

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