Monday, September 8, 2014

DL: Voice of Indiana Jones in IJ and the Infernal Machine

The other day someone was mentioning that they were the top search in Google. So of course, this started the conversation of what we can find about our namesakes. When it came to me, there were quite some interesting occupations that I work in. I was surprised Douglas Lee the Glass Harpist was no longer the top search. I was quite fond of that one. Now it is a bit more boring as a doctor.

Anyways, one of the new top searches was that I was Indiana Jones. I did not think much into it until recently when I was wondering which character I was. I had thought my friends were talking about the movie. But when I searched, I was actually the voice of Indiana Jones in a video game.

This really piqued my interest as to what I sounded like. I then searched for a demo of the game. Not surprised that I found a speed run of the game. It was quite interesting and brought back some memories of games from that time.

PS - The use of "I" is used primarily as my name and not me, personally. In short:

  • I = Douglas Lee = me.Name
  • I != me.


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