Friday, September 26, 2014

Life: Exercise 9/23

Except for the last couple days, I have been exercising almost every other day. My run (on a treadmill) is now at 38 minutes for the first 5k. I have lost a couple pounds on my average weight. Compared to the results from 9/17 exercise.

Part of my biggest problem is that I feel like I need to be chewing or eating even when I don't need to be eating. Late at night, I just want to eat even though I'm not hungry. Is this addiction? It really takes a lot of willpower to not eat something. Fortunately, I'm too lazy to go out to eat. Even then, that is not a very fitting solution. It is very easy to just say no when I do not have the crave, but once there is a crave, reason does not help at all. At the moment, I just try to not keep any food around. On the brighter side, at least I eat fresher foods even though it may not be as cheap.

On the note of buying foods, I have been suspecting fruits from Costco. Recently, it has come to the point where I cannot tolerate it any longer. Someone had offered me their Costco kiwis because they were going on a trip. The kiwis are rather hard in the middle but I just thought they were not ripe enough. It has taken me about 2 weeks to eat them all and they are were still as hard at the core. They also have no sign of spoiling either. I ended up throwing the rest of the kiwis. Because on top of being weird that it never became mush, they just did not taste good at all. I even had bananas that never ripened, it just stayed green for several weeks (almost 4 weeks) and were still hard. Peaches and plums were also not really good. I've come to the decision to just pay more for fruits from other supermarkets (although, I'm not pulling the trigger on organic fruits... at least not yet).


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