Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life: Hole-ier Socks than a Decade Ago?

Is it just me or do socks seem to get holes a lot faster than like 10-20 years ago? I feel like I definitely put more stress back than then I do now, yet I always seem to have more and more socks with holes. Perhaps it is my selective memory, but I am pretty sure I did not have to throw away so many socks. Socks, today, do seem to be more comfortable than in the past. So maybe the endurance of the socks have decreased.

I guess while I am on the topic of socks. Why do I always seem to have one of each kind of socks? I even try to buy the same pack so I have the same socks, yet my washing machine or dryer seems to always eat them so I am always left with odd numbers of socks. But how do they know? Why can't that eat them in even numbers so at least make me think I just misplaced a pair of socks.

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