Sunday, December 8, 2013

Complaint: Flash player volume on Google Chrome - Perma-mute issue

If a stream uses flash player and has a mute option, I've noticed that if you leave the mute on for too long the video will not unmute although the icon changes to the unmute icon. The shortest I've noticed this is about 30 minutes but is not consistent. I have had run a stream for a couple hours without a problem. At first, I thought this was only with but I've noticed this on other video streaming sites like, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (also Colbert Report), and Hulu.

I've only been using Chrome so I am not sure if this also occurs on other browsers. Not a major problem as refreshing the page resolves this issue all the time but is quite frustrating when the player restarts from the beginning (thus watching commercials before jumping back, then watching another set of commercials).

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