Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: TD Bank - Remote Deposit

Error Message: "Exceeded Deposit Limit - You have exceeded the mobile deposit limit."

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The cheapest option is to mail to the following address (check the link below for current address):
TD Bank, N.A.
P.O. Box Number 1190
Lewiston, Maine 04243

Another option suggested was to wire the check from another bank. I am not familiar with this process. I would imagine you would need an account with that bank.


I received a check while being out of town for a while. I figured I could deposit check from my phone not realizing there was a limit to the amount I can deposit through the mobile app. Then I realized that there are no branches in my area.

So I used the Contact Us option which dialed the number 888-751-9000. I waited about 6-8 minutes (the machine said it was around 4-6 minutes) on hold. Soon I was speaking with Roberta who was able to assist me immediately and provide the address quickly. I have a lot of experience waiting on call a long period of time and working with people who has too look up information for everything, but not with Roberta. She enunciated very well; I had no trouble understanding her. I did not chat at all but she seemed pleasant. The overall experience was very good.

The only unfortunate thing was having to mail the check which is not a problem as time is not a huge factor, but that I am always wary about mailing anything. Although greatly exaggerated, I feel like half the snail mail seem to get lost (except for spam mail). It is kind of a hassle to get 1 envelope and 1 stamp when out-of-town.

Although I had no problem with TD Bank service, I think this could have easily be resolved if they just had an option that gives me the address to mail the check to when the app realizes that I am depositing more than the daily limit. 

1/8/2014 - They deposited the check after the end of the year. I am little upset about that but not a huge deal... at least it worked. 17 total days, 12 business days, cross country mail.


Error Message: "There doesn't seem to be a TD Bank near where you are looking. Please try entering the info again."

One last thing was finding a branch very far from their region. I think it would still have been nice to return the closest branch even though it would have been several states away. The reason is I thought maybe I entered in the location incorrectly or maybe I had to look farther.


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