Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review: Cosmopolitan @ Las Vegas

I stayed with some great friends at the Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas strip.

Location / View

The location was great being in the middle of the strip. Walgreens is right across the street to pick up any supplies like bottled water. There are plenty of things within walking distance.

The gyms are nice with your typical workout equipment. I prefer the east wing gym because it has a great view of the fountain in front of the Bellagio. It is slightly smaller than the west wing gym. There was also a great view of the ice skating rink.


The building looks really nice from the outside. A modern looking building with blue highlights. It is easy to pick out from the surrounding hotels.


Parking was easy to find and park. We didn't have much trouble with this. It was interesting that they had signs on number of spaces are available in each section. It would have been neat if the signs also provided information on number of open spots there are.


Wicked Spoon was great. The freshly squeezed passion fruit was the best. Other items that I enjoyed: smoked salmon, handmade sausage, horse-radish, fried chicken, angry mac-n-cheese, the sauce to the meatballs, and yogurt parfait. My friends really loved the Chai Tea gelato. 

Non-Cosmo Foods

Noodles at the Bellagio was ok. We had XO string beans, Chinese eggplant with fried tofu, and a couple other dishes.

Harbor Palace had slow service. We were there for about 15 minutes with no carts come by our table, so we ended up leaving.

Mr Sandwich (at least I think that was the name of the restaurant) was a nice Taiwanese place. Unfortunately, I am not able to translate a bunch of the dishes ordered. The beef sandwich (ge bao) is good. The "meat ball" (ma wan / ba wan / rou yuan) was ok. I've had better. Rice noodles were good. I heard the bubble tea (not on menu) is good.


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