Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Life: My First XP Celebrating Christmas in the Warmer Climate

Celebrating Christmas in warmer weather is quite interesting to me. I have always celebrated in cold, frigid-like weather although very limited snowing Christmas's.

To walk around in shorts, not shivering to the core of your bones, we traveled around town to view Christmas decorations. There are some neighborhoods that really put a lot of effort into their displays. I liked the one where they used decorations that made the house look like the head of Santa Claus. Another interesting one is the house that had a lights show in sync with music. Although I've seen this on YouTube, what I found interested (or at least new) was that they broadcasted the music over FM (most likely a short distance transmitter). I would have liked to be able to see how they wired some of the lights. To be able to do some of the patterns, most of the lights must have been connected separately but then that would be a lot of extra cables. I wonder if there are new lights that the circuits already embedded into the wiring because I would think that there would be a lot of extra extension cords just to switch them on and off.

This was also the first time that I traveled to three different locations with different groups of friends and/or family within the holiday break. Although I try to hang out with different groups of friends, I always seem to end up with the same primary group. This time, I was able to split from them and hang out with another group. It was much refreshing to hang out with them in a different sort of environment. Previously, we've always just met for a meal to catch-up. Now because we are spending a couple days together and planning additional activities, there are other down-times where you go beyond just idle chatter.

The most difficult part is handling the mortgage papers while being away. I just do not understand why they are so dependent on faxing forms. Somehow, I have been able to find ways to print and/or fax.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! And Happy New Year if I do not have a chance to post something before then.

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