Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review: Shao Mountain

Fish Fillet with Dual Flavour

This dish is rather large with two fillets. One covered with red chili peppers but was surprisingly milder than the other half which was topped with a green chili peppers. Both were really good. This dish does take a while for the restaurant to prepare. We basically finished the other two dishes before this came out.

Braised Pork Slices with Bean Sprouts

This was ok but a little disappointing. This was about 10 slices of thick bacon. After a couple slices this tasted rather heavy. I wish they could have made the skin more crispy. The bean sprouts were more enjoyable. Tastes better with rice and with another dish that is lighter like Melon with Garlic.

Squash / Melon with Garlic

This is basically squash with a lot of diced garlic on top. This dish nicely balances with the Braised Pork that we ordered (even though I would have liked to have ordered another braised pork dish). Beware for anyone that is not particularly fond of garlic or people on dates, there is a lot of garlic in this dish.


The spiciness is a nice change. I have not eaten at other places with a high degree of spiciness as this place especially for chinese restaurants. There are quite a few interesting dishes that I would like to return to try. As usual, I also find this place a bit salty for my palate.

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