Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: LAX traffic, downtown LA traffic, and SF driving... In-N-Out

It is evening 8:30pm and there is still a lot of traffic. Sepulveda Blvd was jammed, even when we circled around again around 10:00pm. It is not as bad as the NYC metro traffic during a work rush hour. Possibly comparable to a busy weekend traffic through the Holland Tunnel. There were so many cars on 110 and 105. It was still flowing around speed limit but it still rather packed. I cannot imagine what traffic is like during actual rush hour.

Typical drivers in SF and LA seem very different from the midwest or east coast. Many drives merge, turn, or change lanes first then turn on their blinkers. Most drivers I see on the street typically either use their blinkers before they turn or they do not use them at all.

There was one instant where there were just our car on a two lane street. It was late evening and there were no other cars. Eventually, there was a car they came up from behind, changed lanes, and passed us on the second lane but not completely. We drove side-by-side for a couple minutes, then suddenly the car wanted to merge back to the right lane with us still next to them. They were also slowing down so was practically side-by-side with us. It was like the other driver completely forgot that they were attempting to pass us.There were also several instances of drivers taking wrong exists and still attempt to return back to the highway.

To make it all worth it, we did get some In-N-Out before returning. I do not know if it was because we were extra hungry, but I thought In-N-Out was better than 5 Guys.

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