Saturday, December 14, 2013

Life: Getting a Haircut, Experience with Medium Length Hair

I've let my hair grow out for the last few months. I have about a medium length hair now where the front reaches my eye brows, hair just barely over my ears, and no more prickly feeling in the back. I've always gone to a large chain barber like super cuts, until more recently which I found that China town does a much better, more consistent and faster job at a much cheaper cost. I typically just walk into the barber and let them do whatever which typically is a #2 on the sides and back, tapered/faded, and some random length on top depending on the barber.

Because I have been working remotely more often, I figured I could let my hair grow out a bit longer past the embarrassing transition between short and a longer hairstyle. My hair starts to look a bit like Wolverine or Einstein but an uncooler version.

Now that my hair is longer, there has been some differences that I did not expect. Sitting in high-backed chairs, there used to be some pressure when leaning my head back due to the short cut but now it is flatter and moves around more easily. The hair reaches over ear which took me a while to get used. It was a bit distracting because it felt like something was itching my ear.

With a friend's wedding coming up soon, I have to get at least get my hair trimmed. I figured it was worth investigating how to ask a barber to cut my hair. I had once asked the barber that I wanted to keep the current length so that I could grow out the hair. I thought I was asking for a trim by asking them to just evening out my hair but it ended up to be short again. Another time, a barber asked if I wanted to cut the top which I declined. She said she'll just make it even yet somehow I ended up with my normal cut. Fortunately, I found the site below and hopefully to make use of it by going to a more traditional barber.


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