Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ubuntu: Day 6 - Reinstalling Ubuntu, Python, Eclipse, Django, MySql

Spent most of day 6 reinstalling Ubuntu 13.10, then Python 3.2.3, Eclipse 4.3, and Django. I was finally was able to create a project with Django within Eclipse with Python 2.7 but not Python 3.2. I spent some time trying to get that to work but to no avail.

I've been tired the last couple days and have not progressed further in my Linux project yet. I am currently in the process of install MySql which seems to take quite some time to install. (Edited 12/19 - In the middle of the install, it requests for a password for root. For some reason this dialog box does not appear on top of the software center window. Look for the extra icon in the left tray.)

I'm not sure I'll have time tomorrow either to do some shopping and other chores before the holidays. I may have one last evening to work on something before year end. Otherwise, I'll pick this back up in January. I did start reading a book on graph databases in hopes of perhaps looking into MongoDb.

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