Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ubuntu: Day 3 - Crashes, Django, Apache

Continuing to watch videos. Ubuntu appears to crash whenever I leave the videos on overnight. This was the second night that this has happened. After the first night, I was able to use the mouse and click on other windows but was unable to type anything in. Also, I could not click anything on the top so I could not shutdown or restart. I was able to close windows and open whatever was in the left panel. After the second night, I had left the youtube video on full screen. I was not able to click on anything at this point although the mouse moved. Clicked on videos, replay button, full screen button, and keyboard shortcuts do not seem to do anything. Both times I had to hard reboot. Everything seems to function after rebooting.

Yesterday, I installed Apache while I was watching videos on Python. I came across Google's Python 2 day class which I thought was very informative while I was cooking. The day 2 part 1 on regular expression was worth skipping. It was more on RE than on python programming. If you are watching for RE, it may be worth it. I did hear much of it as I was washing dishes while that section played. Afterwards, I tried to find some more tutorials and came across Django.

Django seems interesting. It is a web application framework. So far it seems analogous to ASP.NET for C# (and other .NET languages). I am hoping to get some time to install and actually start playing around with all the different apps that I've installed.

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