Friday, December 20, 2013

Quote: Linux vs Windows

Linux is to chopsticks as Windows is to fork
Linux : chopsticks :: Windows : fork

I came up with this to describe my experience with Linux and Windows. I am primarily a Windows user and only started using Linux about a week ago. I can see where there are some potentials to Linux that I can make use of but the learning curve is just much higher (in my opinion). Sure Windows crashes more often, but a simple reboot fixes most problems. When Linux crashes, I have absolutely no idea what is going on without figuring out all the inter-dependencies of the application, drivers, and OS. Sure you can eventually fix it permanently, but that's somehow more annoying especially when you're new to the application.

My views on Linux will likely change as I use it more often, but I feel this analogy best describes my experience so far. Starve if you cannot figure out how to use chopsticks, perhaps stab the food if possible. While the fork is easy to use, and you can easily scoop up the food if you cannot figure how to stab it.

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