Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review: Muir Woods - First visit

  • 3 Short paths for casual tourists (30 - 90 minutes)
    • Kids friendly
    • Descriptions provided along the paths
  • Extended paths (unpaved)
  • $7 / person, free after 5pm
    • Free for under 17


We went in thinking the park closed at 5pm. We also did not have a plan on which paths to take.

We ended up taking the bridge 4 path which is approximately 2 miles. We finished this within 45 minutes. We didn't stop much to look at the scenery. I am more of a hiker than an nature observer, so I didn't mind this much. Although most of the path is either paved or boarded on flat ground, there is a short path after bridge 4 that is more natural ground and slightly inclined. I would imagine that this would take about 1.5 hours if we spent more time on the trail.


The look trails were not much of a path for hiking. There are a lot of other tourists taking many pictures. Few people were on the bridge 4 path. We did stumble across a couple of the other paths (one was closed) which appeared more hiking like material.

The main loops are basically level ground so was very simple to walk through. The other trails appeared more interesting but we did not take those paths due to time. Looking on the map, there did not seem like there was a nice loop for the other paths. They appeared that you would eventually have to backtrack or be hiking for a rather long distance.


The scenery was filled with a lot of redwood trees. There were a lot of information provided along the main loop paths for any casual tourists. On a few of the stops that we had, I thought the experience was unique to be surrounded by so many very tall trees. A few of the fallen trees were also interesting to look at. Some of the trees were amazingly huge. I really wanted to climb a couple of them but you are not allowed to step off the paved paths in the main loops.


The entrance is $7 per person, free after 5pm. We arrived shortly before 5 pm and thought that the park closed at 5pm but on our way out, there was a sign that entrance was free.


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