Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ubuntu: Day 4 & 5 - Broke Ubuntu by Uninstalling Python

Yesterday, I installed Eclipse 3.8 and PyDev.

This morning, I was trying to create a new Django project in Eclipse but kept running into an error, "Django not found." There were several sites that fixed this issue but none fixed mine. I checked that Django was indeed installed and that it was installed in Python 2.7.1. I added the Django folder to Interpreter's PYTHONPATH. None seemed to have fixed the problem.

After a couple hours of resolving the issue, I uninstalled Python and all applications dependent on Python. Of course, I did not realize how many applications were dependent on Python. I reinstalled Python in hopes that it will at least fix the problem with Eclipse (which it did not). I noticed some apps were not working properly like the Software Center, so I rebooted Linux. After I logged in, I just had a blank screen.

I am not exactly sure how to revert back, so I am considering to reinstall Ubuntu. I could use more practice in the installing applications. There were also some questions whether Python was installed in a virtual environment which I was not sure if mine was or not. I do not believe so as I did not install any virtual machines, but perhaps Python has its own method of installing in a contained environment? This is all new so I am only speculating.

Worse comes to worse, I could just start developing a Java application.

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