Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life: How much of what we do just to be accepted?

I just read the article, "It's easier than you think to get people to commit bad deeds." This got me thinking on how many little things that I've accepted to do just to appease someone, get them out of my hair, or wanting to belong.

I think it is interesting how easily we can be swayed in one aspect in life while trying to maintain another aspect in life. Even in work where I did a task something someone was supposed to do. I only did it because it was faster for me to do the work than to explain who should do it, why they should do it, and still risk that person will come to me anyways. Or in general life where I follow other jay-walkers but wouldn't jay-walk if I was the only one at the intersection. Or watching others speed because "everyone else is doing it."

Another interesting facet is how there are some people who take advantage of this social behavior. I think this should be an important lesson to learn in school because this would bring awareness how we can be easily swayed to do things we would normally not do or morally/ethically wrong to do. I think awareness will help me rethink the situation or even help someone else rethink their decisions.


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